Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13 - Update

As I (Kourtney) write this I have just come from the playground site where the slide installation is beginning. It is estimated that it weighs 2400lbs! We take this as a hopeful sign to be near completion but at this point we know better than to give dates and not be able to deliver on those promises. 

We continue to ask for your patience as we wait for the Haysboro Community Park to open and apologize for the delay in construction.

Please find here a FAQ’s list we’ve put together to help answer some of the recent questions people have asked about the park project.


Once the park opens we will be sending out a feedback survey to our membership and hosting an open house on November 26th to continue to solicit feedback. 

We also hope you can join us on November 19 at Chapters Macleod Trail to raise funds for multiple play projects for Haysboro including rink upgrades, scoot park, and potential plans for a scaled down Phase 2 of the park project. 


Thank you,

The Haysboro Community Association Board and the Playground Committee

Park Construction FAQ’s

Why is there a delay in opening the park?

All construction for the park is complete except the installation of the slide. In order for the park to open, the slide must be installed. Following installation a safety inspection will be performed by
the City of Calgary. The park cannot open until this inspection is complete.

What caused the delay with the slide installation?

This is a custom designed slide. It was in manufacturing and set to be completed by September 11th when a safety issue with the design was raised on September 9th. The design was modified and a new installation date of mid-October was provided to us by the construction company. We have been recently advised that a project involving a stainless steel sheet this large has caused a lot of unforeseen issues. At this point in time we continue to work with our contractors to determine a definitive date for when the slide will be completed and installed.

What has been done to resolve the delays?

The HCA board has proactively sought updates and explanations from our hired project management company and contractors, kept accurate records of the timeline and communications, sent correspondence to project partners outlining the boards questions and concerns regarding the delay in construction including impact statements from stakeholders, and organized meeting with all parties involved to expedite a solution and complete the project.

Is there anything else holding up the opening besides the large slide?

There is a small list of outstanding deficiencies that we anticipate will be completed on the same day as the slide installation. Once it is delivered and installed a park inspection will happen and if everything passes we will be able to take down the fences and open the park.

Why did we have a park opening/sneak-a-play on September 13th if the park wasn’t officially opening until end of November?

Our reason for throwing a park opening was to thank and acknowledge our project partners and donors, recognize the volunteer effort involved, and celebrate with our community. The deadline for getting information in the September Haysboro Horn was August 1st. At that point our construction was on schedule to be complete by end of August and we figured a 2 week cushion on completion was generous. This date also allowed us to couple our event with the Community Membership Drive Volunteer appreciation and community celebration planned for Sunday the 13th. We did not want to organize another large community event near the end of September so we decided to tie the 2 events together. Had we known then that the park would remain closed until the end of November we would have postponed the official opening ceremony until Spring.

What source of warranty and maintenance do we have on the plantings and play pieces?

We have a 2 month soft planting warranty period next May and June. This covers watering and replacement of sod, trees, plants, etc.

We have a 1 year warranty on play pieces from the date the inspection is completed (Ex. November 20, 2015-November 20, 2016) We have a 10% holdback on the budget that won’t be paid to the contractor until the 1yr period is up. 

How were the funds for this project raised?

We applied for over 15 grants. We were successful with the AB Government CFEP, Environment Canadas EcoAction, Park Foundation Calgarys Building Communities, and Calgary Foundations Neighbour Grants totalling almost $140,000. We raised almost $25,000 through our legacy brick campaign. We organized 7 fundraising events which brought in over $5000. We received over $9000 in donations and the Haysboro Community Association generously funded $80,000. We also received over $35,000 in-kind labour and material from the City of Calgary and 450 hours of volunteer labour during our volunteer build days from Haysboro residents.

Did this project come in on budget?

We had a few change orders because of some design modifications and additions but we are happy to report at this point we are coming in under budget.

What will happen with Phase 2?

The original plan was to complete the playground by early Fall 2015, conduct community feedback throughout November, apply for grants during the winter, and do construction in Summer 2016. Because of the delay on our park opening we have not been able to execute this plan. We want the community to have the opportunity to provide feedback before continuing with Phase 2. At this point we haven’t made any decisions when it comes to Phase 2. Some options we are looking at are 1. to delay any additions or construction to the park until 2017 or 2. To restrict 2016 to additions only that have a small window of park closures (i.e. 1-2 weeks max. or possibly pieces that can go in without any park closures.)

How can I keep up to date on park information?

There are many ways to keep up with information. These ways include:

  •   Playground update articles in The Horn

  •   Visit or

  •   Attend playground committee meetings

  •   Email with specific questions

    What opportunities do residents have to provide feedback?

    Email your feedback to
    Complete our online survey available at once the park is officially opened.
    Drop by our open house on Thursday, November 26
    th from 6:30-8:30pm and talk to us in person. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

We really mean it when we say soon...

Thanks to everyone for their continued patience during our park construction. It has been frustrating to have our completion date continue to be pushed back and to not being able to give anyone good news. As a committee it has been heartbreaking to watch our beautiful space sit so close to finished and not be able to use it through this beautiful fall we've been having. We are extremely sorry for the delays - though out of our control we feel like we've let our youngest and most hopeful down.

The news... the tot slide is in and installation for the larger slide is to be completed by the end of the week. Inspections have been scheduled for the second week in November.

We have two important events coming up and we hope to see you at both.

Thursday November 19 - Chapters FUNdraising event
5-9pm - Chapters Macleod Trail (Brick Plaza)

10% off all purchases from this evening will be donated back to the project. This is the first step in securing phase two which includes the butterfly learning garden, a horizontal climbing tree and sensory farmhouse.

Thursday November 26 - Play In Haysboro Engagement Evening
6:30-8:30 (drop in), Lounge, Haysboro Community Association

Join us for a conversation about the future of play in Haysboro. We want to hear your feed back on Phase Two of the Natural Playground, the Haddon Road playgrounds, and what your play needs are in Haysboro.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The real park opening is...

Hello patient residents...

I know we are all eagerly awaiting the opening of the park. And we can't thank you enough for your patience.

The slides should be in soon and then the city inspections - projected opening day is October 9th. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates and we have a beautiful October.